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Mach3 R3 043 066 [March-2022]




And it can be used in conjunction with a CNC machine for the more advanced tasks. It is also possible to use it for simple cutting, drilling, tapping, milling and shape cutting without CNC machine. There are some programs and tools that are needed in order to use Mach3. 1. **A motherboard that has Intel-compatible BIOS settings**. You can connect the motherboard to a laptop and it is possible to use Mach3 for cutting directly on a laptop screen. 2. **A floppy drive or CD-ROM**. 3. **A language translator if you want to have the ability to control a CNC machine**. 4. **The drivers and compatible libraries for operating systems like Microsoft Windows**. 5. **A math tool.** You may want to download a powerful math tool like Mathcad from ArtSoft, but be sure that the operating system that you use has a math tool with graphics capability that is compatible with Mathcad. 6. **The program that you want to program.** Mach3 is basically a windows program, but it may be a problem for the end user if the end user does not have the required software or he does not have the necessary drivers for it. 7. **A mouse if you want to use your mouse to control the software**. 8. **A CNC machine with a CNC controller**. The user interface of Mach3 can be a bit confusing if you do not know what it is all about. The user interface can also be different depending on the type of computer that you use. Some of the things in the interface are shown in the following figure. In this figure, the program itself is shown. ![image](Eg5_figs/Mach3_interface.jpg){width="100mm"} In the figure, there is a command prompt window. A menu is at the top of the window, but you may not see it at the moment. When you see the menu, you can choose an item from it. You can also open the user guide by clicking on **Tool Guide** at the bottom. The command prompt window is on the left side of the menu. The command prompt window is used for writing your programs or executing your programs. You can also type commands and enter values into the control windows.




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Mach3 R3 043 066 [March-2022]

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