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About Us

Since 2018 , we are on a mission to revolutionize how you have your food at home.

- No more spending hours in the kitchen

- No more eating the frozen food

- No more spending thousands in expensive hotels for a fine meal!

We believe that every food lover deserves a royal treatment and so we are here to offer an amazing mouth watering dishes being prepared right in front of your eyes in your own kitchen by professional chefs.

Don't worry about your kitchen cleaning , we make sure its clean before we bid you goodbye .

Salad Preparation
Final Touches

What Make Us Special

With over 20,000+ people served since 2018 , We specialise in making your every Garniche experience a WOW experience! with 90% repeat customers ratio and to make it a hassle free meal for you chefs bring all the raw material and ingredients with him.

Its time to enjoy with your loved ones and leave the kitchen hassle to  Garniche!

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