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About Garniché

Garniché is led by a team of foodie engineers with a mission to revolutionize how individuals have their food. 

We believe that every food lover deserves a royal treatment and so we are here to offer an amazing mouth watering dishes being prepared right in front of your eyes in your own kitchen and to make this experience an hassle free experience , chefs carry all the ingredients with them ranging from spices to veggies to garnishing creams. All that you needs to do is to sit back in your home comfort and enjoy this home dining experience while we bring the complete hotel to your kitchen. Don't worry about your kitchen cleaning , we make sure its clean before we bid you goodbye .

What Make Us Special

Garniché is first of its kind a perfect combination of Home-Fine Dining experience. The chefs we enroll with us have a minimum experience of 8 years in fine dining 5 star hotels. talking about the number of  guests we serve is from (4) Four to (40) Forty . We even serve a single person. While you are home alone and want to relax after a long day. We will be right there to make it memorable evening. Apart from evening hours we also serve in morning and afternoons. And last but not the least our packages start from 442 INR only! 

"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food." -Paul Prudhomme