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Updated: May 4, 2020

Hello Garniche-rs!! Welcome back to your favourite one stop food destination.

Well, we all definitely have discovered a lot of new things about ourselves in these tensed and unpredicatable scenarios of extended lockdown and social distancing (for the greater good).

At some homes, the food-lovers are trying out new dishes everyday and uncovering their inner chefs. Whereas at others, cooking has become one of the most monotonous job of the day.

But what if cooking is made a fun and an enjoyable activity ? Even during the anti-quarantine days…


If, by any chance, your fridge has stacked up with different food items by the end of the week, experiment with them. Try and make a new dish with the leftovers.

Picture Credits – Getty Images

Play with spices and cheese. Who knows you find your signature dish in there?


As you may already know, there are many ‘easy-to-cook’ recipes available on youtube and social-networking handles. And the teenagers today are crazy about youtub-ing every stuff. So, why not ask the youngsters in your family to guide you through some food recipes? It will eventually involve them in the baking process too.

Picture Credits – Getty Images

You can even start your own youtube channel and share your experiences with the whole world. Even a small public appreciation might motivate you to cook more enthusiastically and improve your culinary skills.


If you train and compartmentalise your mind a day before regarding what to cook, it becomes a lot more easier and simpler to manage cooking with your daily work routine.

Picture Credits – Getty Images

Make sure to have all the necessary raw food- items at your place so that you don’t have to rush to groceries at short-notices.


With every person in the house occupied in something or the other 24*7 managing with the latest trend of “work-from-home”, cooking for the whole family can yet be an another task in the ‘to-do’ list if a single-person is handling it.

From chopping to preparing; from serving to cleaning, it can definitely be a whole challenging process within itself.

Dividing the work between house-members can be really useful and helpful.

Picture Credits – Getty Images

Even playing soft -music while cooking can make you feel like the work has been done in no time!

And it goes without saying, you will have GARNICHE back at your service very soon! Where you will relax and just enjoy your meal. The chef will take care of the rest!

Till then, Be Safe! Happy Cooking 🙂

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