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What’s Delhi famous for ? Well, we definitely can’t think of one thing! From its rich-history to tall buildings symbolising modernisation, from Akshardham temple to Nizamuddin Dargah, from wide avenues to jam-packed roads this city has seen it all.

However, there is one more thing Delhites are crazy about.

It’s. Luscious. Food.

Let’s have a quick look at few of the tempting food items!

Picture Credits : Pixabay

Palatable Paranthas

The western culture of light healthy morning meals, consisting of eggs and milk, has taken over many breakfast tables.

But can it beat the spicy, stuffed vegetable, desi- ghee paranthas served with pickles and curd? We bet not.

Picture Credits : Canva

Spicy Chaats

The long-standing “chaat-culture” has its dominance over everyone.

Be it from the roadside stalls or ordered in an expensive Indian-restaurant or made with those leftovers in your own kitchen, the extensive varieties of flavoursome chaats have always been a self sufficient evening snack.

Picture Credits : Canva

Craving Chhole – Bhature

In simple words, Delhi should be really proud of the fact that it invented this mouth-watering dish.

This captivating Punjabi dish, served with pickles and mint-chutneys, is usually one of the top picks in any family get togethers.

Picture Credits : Canva

The Water Balls

Breaking through the crispy and crunchy golgappas followed by a splash of sour and sweet water in the overflowing mouth… the feeling is just exotic!

Known all over India, this dish has around 10 different names like Gup-chup in Odhisa and Phuchka in Bengal.

Picture Credits : Canva

Refreshing Drinks

The fizzy nimbu-paani (lemonade) and the sweet aam-panna are the go-to-drinks in every household in this scorching summer season.

While lassi (chhach) finds it way with mostly all afternoon-meals, the chilled mango – shake can be declared as the most admired evening summer drink.

Few of these ravishing drinks have health benefits too! Sugarcane juice can be used to cure cancer. Did you know that?

Picture Credits : Canva

Divine Desserts

Are you done with your meal? Without a dessert? Not possible.

Jalebis and halwas, kulfis and faludas, rasmalai and gulab-jamuns, they always have their special space reserved in our filled stomachs.

Picture Credits : Canva

Drooling over food, aren’t you?

Wish to get this delicious yummylicious food all at one place?

Garniche got you covered!

Garniche promises you just the delightful food – experience you deserve. Hygienic and fresh food served right in your kitchen. Your menu, our chefs.

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