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Don't host that HOUSE-PARTY, until you read this!!!

Planning a house-party and don’t know where to begin from? Well, you guys got our back.

Here are the 5 things you must keep in mind before throwing a spectacular party!!


As much as we wish to, Monday 9A.Ms meetings with the boss can not be missed. You should choose the venue and timings as per the majority’s availability. After all, you do not want to be the only one dancing to the music and eating all the food alone, right?

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A welcoming environment and a tidy place automatically makes the guests comfortable and feel-like-home. If you are planning a Themed-party, pay attention to the detailing and decorations.

The MAHAUL matters buddy!

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A bunch of intellects, some booze lovers, and few introverts. Sounds a deadly combination, doesn’t it? Make a balanced guest list of people who share common interests. You as a host will not be left running here and there entertaining one group to another.

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As salt is for food, music is for a party. Feel like the guests getting divided into groups and your party turning into a gala-time meet? Turn up the volume, rest will be taken care of!

Also hands down to the latest trend of live- singers, highly recommendable for a house party.

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Fresh and the Finest.

Even if all the other things go south, THIS MUST NOT! A house-party should never mean cold , half -cooked home delivered food.

Ever thought about a professional – chef cooking your favorite desired cuisines at your party ? Also, what if the deal fits within your budget too?

Imagine ; you as a host need not even step into the kitchen while all the guests are left awestruck by the finger-licking food…. Listen ! here’s the secret : Garniche – Chef At Your Doorstep!

Picture Credits : Anisa Sabet

*Don’t forget to drop in some fun-houesparty-game ideas !!*

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