Hello everyone! Feels so good to see you back at Garniche.

Well, we all know how a good meal can do wonders to our day and be a great mood lifter. Infact, even the celebrities and social-media icons are very particular with their eating habits and the types of diets they follow.

But have you ever wondered who takes care of their taste-buds? There must be someone behind those delicious,mouth-watering but healthy and nutritious meals.

Let’s find out!!


Ranveer Singh’s favourite, Personal Optimized Diet’s (POD) head-chef, Mohit Savargaonkar has been serving him with delicious hygienic food since past 6 years. Our Bajirao is a crazy Indian food fan and no way likes to adjust with his taste. “We try to bring in variants in the food keeping in mind his micro and macro fibre needs.” says Savarangoankar.

Picture credits : Times of India Ranveer Singh’s personal chef holds the major credits for his physical transformation from his role in Simba to ‘83.

Ranbir Kapoor too follows the diet plans given by Harsh Dixit, another master chef and nutritionist associated with POD. His chef makes sure that the Barfi star strictly follows all the food charts; even on sets, even if he is travelling.

Chef Dixit explained the strategic ways POD works, “ We make sure that the people are served what they desire . Like, Ranbir drools over sweets. So we serve it. However, he knows he has to burn the extra calories later on.”

Picture credits: Mid-Day


Sam Udell, the family chef of Jonas Brother, now also decides what goes into Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s diets and what not. The fit and beautiful actress definitely has a particular taste but eats what she wishes to, preferring both Indian and American food equally.

Chef Udell recently also revealed Priyanka’s favourite salad recipe. Kale,nuts,fruit, fennel, carrot and chicken; that’s all what goes into her salad.

Picture Credits : Instagram Chef Udell is a also nutritionist for NBA players and many other Hollywood actors.

Another most influential icon well-known around the globe for her hosting skills, Ellen DeGeners, handed over the kitchen duties to Chef Roberto Martin in 2009.

Originally a Carnivore-based cook,Ellen and her wife, played a huge role in building Chef Matin’s career towards a vegan-cook.

Ellen’s favourite dish, Red beans and Rice, is from Vegan Cooking for Carnivores, written by none other than Chef Martin himself.