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We have often heard people complain about long standing hours in the kitchen and there are days when they don’t even feel like entering into it!!

Hello readers! Welcome back to Garniche.

Believe us when we say this. Hiring a personal chef is a great affordable and money-saver solution for you.

But you must have thought that why do you need a personal chef? Is it really required?

Let’s find out!

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Aren’t you yet tired of cooking the same repetitive dishes every alternate day? We. Definitely. Are.

Don’t let your kids “adjust” with that routine basic meal.

Not everyone can bring up modifications and variations to a regular home-cooked meal. But a professional chef definitely can.

So, if you like egg with cheese but your kids don’t like tomatoes and your husband is allergic to garlic, a Personal Chef can solve that problem in a flash through their great attention to details.

A customised meal complete with best ingredients and quality flavours can be presented at your table in a timely fashionable manner… is there any room still left for dissatisfaction?

Picture Credits : Canva


Most of us have tried cooking different cuisines in our kitchens and failed miserably !

So why not bring the restaurant-like feels to the comfort of your home with your private chef?

Your well-experienced chef can even calculate your dietary intakes and ensure a perfect balanced diet for you. Not to mention all those extra unknown calories are now GONE!

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On an average, Indians spend 13.5 hrs in the kitchen weekly!

Managing the office work along with the household chores and then spend so much time in the kitchen. Not fair at all.

A personal chef can sort the long process of grocery shopping to cooking and cleaning up after a meal.

Also, that extra amount you were going to spend on grocery shopping by buying unnecessary food items, your chef won’t let that happen 🙂

Picture Credits : Canva


We all love family get- togethers and house parties, don’t we?

It goes without saying that no one deserves to miss that fun crazy family time.

So why are you there still standing in the kitchen cutting vegetables and cooking the next starter ?

Let your chef handle the kitchen work and serve you with delicious,presentable and quality food of your choice while you make cherishing memories with your friends and family.

Besides, the impact on the guests of a “private chef” being present in your kitchen is just going to be an icing on the cake!

Picture Credits : Canva

Are you wondering how to hire a private chef and how much will it cost?

GARNICHE is the one stop place for all your queries.

Ensuring new menus every month, our experienced chefs can serve you with a good quality healthy fresh meal cooked right in front of you at your dinner table 🙂

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